Orana Heights Public School

Excellence, opportunity and success in a caring school

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About our school

Orana Heights Public School equips students with the knowledge, competence and direction to successfully meet the challenges in the future with particular strengths in welfare, music and sport. We aim to have students become responsible and caring citizens and develop into cooperative workers producing quality work and contributing to their community.

Our school is a large school situated in the eastern part of Dubbo.  It has an enrolment of close to six hundred students, spacious and attractive grounds as well as an extremely sound technology infrastructure.  Staff comprise both those commencing their career in education to those with significant experience. A change in uniform over the last two years has seen the student body embrace this quickly and the new colours are regularly commented on positively.

A focus on quality education encompasses all school organisational structures and is based on the development of the "whole" student.  Strong educational programs, a long running and award winning  environmental program,  a  comprehensive sporting component and a dedicated music & band program enhance student opportunities.

The school utilises the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) process in tandem with Control Theory Reality Therapy as the basis for its' welfare programs. The focus of this being Respect, Responsibility, Safety which is encompassed in lessons for all classes.  An openess and willingness to work with parents in their child's development is shown at all times by all staff. The executive are approachable and supportive.

Orana Heights Public School prides itself on its' inclusivity. A significant enrolment, in comparison to other schools, of students with identified disabilities in specialist settings and the main stream evidences this.

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